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  • Should A Softball Swing Be Different Than A Baseball Swing?- Photo by gabofr Ahhh the softball/baseball swing debate! Nothing causes more arguments than all the differences of opinion on how to improve someones swing! So will this question ever be resolved or will we ever have one true process that, if followed, gives guaranteed success? The answer is no. Just like there are many opinions […]
  • Pac-12 Networks to televise over 180 games across baseball and softball for 2019 season- SAN FRANCISCO – Entering its seventh season of coverage, Pac-12 Networks’ baseball and softball broadcast schedule this coming season will include over 180 games, with over 95 for baseball and over 85 for softball. Pac-12 Baseball on Pac-12 Networks On Sunday, March 10, Pac-12 Networks will begin its baseball coverage with three games, including two […]


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