“Success is a journey, not a destination.”

The journey from unskilled athlete to an elite softball player is a very complex road. In trying to gain the skills necessary to improve a coach never wants to set the bar too high (could discourage an athlete) or too low (could hinder an athlete) for anyone no matter what age or skill level. In that regard we assign every player as one of the following, regardless of age level:

This level has usually never played before or is trying to go from a recreational league team to their high school JV team or a 14U travel squad.

This level is usually indicative of a recreational or JV player who wants to improve enough to make their high school’s Varsity team or a 16U travel squad.

This level of player is usually a Varsity or 16U/18U travel team athlete looking to grow their skill set to become a successful collegiate athlete.

18U Gold
This level is made up of athletes who are performing at the college level (or higher) and have either committed to a college program or have the skill set to make a difference on day one for a college program.

Each level has a different training objective that will lead them to the next level. The rate of improvement/skill level will help determine how fast a player moves up, not a players age. If you are a C-level player and you are 17 years old your rate of improvement would have to be pretty drastic to be a part of an 18U Gold team. On the flip side if you are an A-level player and you are 14 years old you are well ahead of the curve.

Training Method

We use a ‘periodization of skill’ system to help increase our athletes rate of improvement. This year-long system places emphasis on different skills and conditioning/strength building activities to help maximize an athletes rate of improvement. To break it down to its most basic concept the image below shows what happens during the training process.

If you allow recovery and overcompensation to occur before you start your next training session you can drastically improve an athletes abilities. However if you wait too long or start too early you actually hinder an athletes ability to improve.

These levels vary with every individual athlete so personalization is really the key when it comes down to maximizing performance. When you join our program we will create your own personalized periodization plan to help get you to be the best you!