The Season is Over, Long Live the Season!

The travel softball season seems to never end! However everything must start somewhere and September seems to be the unofficial starting point of the new travel softball year.

The Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) system usually holds the last highly competitive tournament of the “end” of the travel softball season year at the end of July through the beginning of August. And with most schools starting in mid-August it is a good time for softball to go quiet, allowing all the travel ball athletes and families and short break from the hectic travel schedule they just flew through. During this time travel softball athletes should take advantage of the time off by completely halting all softball related activity. This allows the body and mind to recover from all the training and games played. In a standard periodization model two-weeks is a good amount of time to completely recover.

For the new travel softball player getting in shape in July for tryouts in August is a good idea. Most teams start posting tryouts in August and through September and you want to be in shape for these tryouts!

Obviously college players are on a different schedule altogether! Their “coachless” workouts typically start the last week of June or the first week in July so they can be prepared for their fall ball season.

With the new recruiting rules it seems like November is the time you should really be hitting a stride while October should be spent getting into the groove of playing showcases/travel tournaments. The reason for the change was to literally slow the recruiting process down not just for the athletes health but for the coaches budgets as well, so if it feels like you have time on your hands the new rules are working!

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